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Word For The Week

"We must obey God rather than human beings!"

(Acts 5v29)

When challenged and threatened by the religious leaders of his day, Peter immediately saw what was at stake.  It was a simple issue of who he would obey.  Would he submit to the authorities who were attempting to intimidate him into silence (and who seemed to have power over him), or would he obey the command of God to proclaim the good news about Jesus Christ (who truly did have power over him)?   Peter was clear where his loyalty and commitment belonged.

Believers today will often face a similar dilemma  As Christian belief and Christian morality are increasing seen as outdated, narrow-minded and even offensive, followers of Jesus must be clear that our calling is to obey God, not the whims and trends of our ever shifting culture.  By doing so, we will not always receive the praise of other people, but we are assured of the one thing that truly matters: the praise of God.

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