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Word For The Week

"He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High"

(Luke 1v32)

As the angel Gabriel makes his astounding announcement to Mary, he also makes it clear that the baby she will bear will be no ordinary child.  As far as we know, Mary herself was an ordinary young woman from the quiet backwater if Galillee, yet the Lord chose her to bear a child who would be as far from ordinary as it is possible to be.  His unique greatness arose from his unique status as the Son of the Most High.  This does not refer to his ancestry so much as his own identity as God born as a human being, or the Word is who is God made flesh, as John 1 famously puts it.

At this time of year we do well to remind ourselves of exactly who the baby in the manger is: the Son of the Most High, sent to be our Saviour.

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