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Word For The Week

"Thomas said to Jesus, 'My Lord and my God'"

(John 20v28)

Thomas would have been born and raised within the Jewish faith.  From the cradle, he would have been taught the central doctrine of the Jewish faith, namely that there is only one God.  Twice a day, he would have recited the Jewish credal prayer known as the shema: "Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One".  This background makes it all the more striking that Thomas should pronounce the clearest possible confession of the identity of Jesus Christ.  Thomas makes the unequivocal declaration that Jesus Christ is his Lord and his God.  Jesus then commends 'doubting' Thomas for this expression of his faith, telling him that his belief will lead to blessing.  Those who would deny the full divinity of Jesus Christ will struggle to make sense of this remarkable encounter between a struggling disciple and his Lord and God.

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